Connecting The Dots is an independent travel agency founded by Maxime van Gelderen, specializing in lifestyle & hospitality brands. We operate around the belief in the importance of creating and managing meaningful events and experiences to build long-lasting relationships for you, your family, or your business partners. Our agency combines its enthusiastic personality with a sharp eye for detail and a proactive and creative attitude. Providing tailored creative support with extensive knowledge of lifestyle hospitality. A perfectly composed team of multilingual planners with experience, integrity, creativity, and attention to detail. We offer a truly bespoke end-to-end service. With an unrivaled global network, we maintain excellent relationships, offer expert local knowledge, and always go the extra mile with passion. Helping to connect with your desired destinations through creativity, innovation, and empathy. With our worldwide social and business contacts, we have successfully established an extensive international network. This network makes it possible to enter endless opportunities against competitive pricing .In an era of readily-available luxuries, there’s the ultimate luxury we can’t afford to waste: time. In a relentless world, we yearn to create space for the moment, experiences, and people that lift our spirits.
CTD was created on this principle. To live a limitless life, full of moments that matter unburdened by ones that don’t.

Our mission is to empower people to live their most meaningful lives. From round-the-world trips, flights to the edge of space, or the concert that will never be forgotten, we are with members every step of their journey.

Turning what-ifs into what's next!

Founded by

Our founder, Maxime, combines an enthusiastic personality with a sharp eye for detail and a proactive, dynamic work ethic. With her natural flair for communication, she has successfully established an extensive, international network that enables her to connect the dots while working passionately to create extraordinary experiences for established global brands.

Well known for her fearless attitude and determination, Maxime has used her creativity and resourcefulness to go above and beyond for international hospitality groups. Her extensive rooster includes more than five years as a PR & Marketing Manager.

Highly motivated and enterprising, her experience includes over five years of event planning for a variety of for hospitality, lifestyle, and fashion brands in Amsterdam,  Florence, Ibiza, Hamburg, Munich and Barcelona.

Maxime’s passion for event planning has been celebrated with accolades from the luxury hospitality industry, including the 2019 “30 under 30” awards at the prestigious Restaurant Marketer & Innovator Conference in London.


Our global network of personal lifestyle managers always at your finger tips - connecting you to everything that matters to you the most.

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