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Connecting The Dots mediates the creation of valuable experiences and opportunities. We offer a complete lifestyle offering dedicated assistance from Travel to Luxury goods. Based in Dubai, the hub where the standards of safety, quality and service within the hospitality are set, CTD sets the tone for a hands on, virtual and 24/7 on-demand lifestyle management agency that matches your personality. Taking care of anything, anywhere to live life to the Max. We go out of our way to reward your loyalty with attractive rates and valuable introductions to various partner relations and suppliers in the renowned hospitality sector with whom we have a long and well-established relationship.

CTD was founded in Amsterdam in 2019 with a vision to be a haven for a community of people all connected by their love for hospitality in vibrant destinations. In 2021, the society moved its head office to Dubai located in a vibrant hub for creative and entrepreneurial members, providing an environment where they can get to know each other to share knowledge, exchange ideas, dine and participate in a rich cultural programme of events.

Connecting The Dots shares this same vision, giving its members a unique concept for their extraordinary lifestyle. Featuring the renowned Maxxime Weddings & Events company, working with finest hospitality groups of the world, our Members have a plethora of places to dine, taking them on a culinary journey on every journey. The carefully tailored events programme is an integral part of the lifestyle of the club, based on the requirements and wishes among our clientele. Members are invited to attend yearlyy events, including current debates, panel discussions, live music and much more besides. There is be something for everyone to enjoy and participate in.

Dedicated service

24/7 lifestyle assistance, wherever you might be. Our global network of personal lifestyle managers are always at your fingertips - connecting you to everything that matters to you the most.

Meaningful experiences

What about a destination wedding? Or last-minute minute bookings at prestigious events or the best table at Nobu Malibu during Coachella to backdoor entrance to an exclusive club.  For that extra touch of magic, we produce bespoke, life-changing experiences that will cater to your desires creating meaningful memorable moments.

Personalised service

As our member, we will make sure we know every requirements, tastes and dislikes that you may have. We want to provide tailor-made quotations according to your profile and personality.

Lifestyle management

In addition to turning your dreams into reality, we are on-hand 24 hours a day to attend to your day-to-day tasks, in our commitment to saving you time, and enriching every aspect of your life.


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